“Shop Local!” Here’s why…

As a small business owner, I take real pride in what I do. There’s art to optometry and every good patient result is a source of pride for me. When I am done in the exam room, I hand the patient to my capable manager or opticians. They educate the patients on the best options for their lenses and contact lenses. Frames are selected with care and custom measurements are taken. Then we go over what we can do to make the best of insurance coverage and discount packages to make this a valuable experience for the patient. When the patient leaves the office, the staff discusses the final decisions with me to make sure that this truly is a good fit for the patient!

We shop for the best products. We use legal distributors. We don’t cut corners. We study the optics of every lens in the market to make sure we have what is best. It’s easy to shop online, click a few pictures and make quick decisions. But are you getting what you are promised? Are the lenses made correctly? Are these lenses going to be the appropriate material for your prescription? Are the lenses going to line up correctly with your focal points? Are the frames going to fit you well, work for your ergonomics, or relieve stress? Were your contact lenses shipped from a legal distributor? Are you getting the correct product?

My job is not done until you have worn your glasses or contact lenses and see as clearly as I meant for you to see! So next time, please let us be your one stop shop. You will be surprised to find that our prices are fiercely competitive, and we work with our distributors and insurance companies to get you the best deals on the best products. We have packages for patients who need multiple pairs, glasses and contacts, and sports wear. Satisfaction is always guaranteed. What’s more? We are always here to take care of repairs and damages.

As a customer, you have the option of shopping anywhere you like. I thank you for choosing us! We will make sure you see well…and look good 🙂

– Dr. Chetti

Joe and me in Salzburg, Austria from our recent vacation We are wearing our favorite OVVO polarized sunglasses.